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Courage C65 Pirelli by Spirit Hobby

Just delivered! Courage C65 Pirelli by Spirit Hobby. Reference 0601201. Price: 45 euros. Weight is 81,1 grams. Motor xXx. Below more features of this model:

– Interchangeable motor mount
– Rear shock bumpers
– Adjustable nylon corwn
– Lighted body with detailed copickt
– Calibrated axles 2.38
– Calibrated bearings 2.38
– Body weight is only 15 grams

I added new pictures of this slot car. Available in Spanish hobby shops since today!

Spirit Hobby


PEUGEOT 406 SILHOUETTE ESSO – Spirit Hobby. Ref. 0501105. Price: 45 euros.
This slot car come with this configuration:
– Motor xXx, said by Spirit Hobby
– Interchangeable motor mount
– Plastic wheels, 16 mm x 2.38
– Nylon Crown
– Crown/pynion relation: 32/12
– adjustable front axle, with m2 allen screw
– Steel calibrate axles
– Accurate bearings
-Rear shock bumpers
I like this car, i stil have not prepare it to race but sensation is good. As soon i test it in our ninco track, i tell you abou times and improve it for racing.