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Do you want to know what the Scalextric news for this year 2019? If you want to be informed of them here you can know them. We will update as they arrive!

✅ Scalextric SCX Cars

In this section we will list the scalextric car news as they come out.

✅ SCX Slot News – Mercedes AMG GT3 Blancpain

From this first week of November, the new Scalextric Mercedes AMG GT3 Black Falcon Blancpain model from Scalextric is already available in stores, a very nice car to see live and that apparently is selling very well.

In the next post we detail more about this spectacular Scalextric Mercedes AMG GT3 Blancpain that we liked so much

new scalextric november 2019

The first two to arrive were the Lancia Delta with Martini livery and the Renault Alpine for rallying, which were also well received.

Both belong to the catalog of analog carsTherefore, they can be used in both the Original and Universal systems.

✅ New Scalextric Renault Alpine A110 Mouton

This model corresponds to the one that the mythical French pilot Michele Mouton drove in her second participation in the Monte Carlo Rally.

These cars feature interchangeable and adjustable magnet, headlights and taillights, detailed chassis, and the automatic return wire-free steering system and suspension.

new scalextric october 2019

Here you have the first images (taken from Slotadictos) of the Alpine A110 Mouton, with reference U10238S300, already available in specialized stores and toy stores.

configuration renault alpine scx

In this new stage of SCX it seems that the cars come with a short engine and without an interchangeable bench, which reduces the possibilities when it comes to changing them for the boxer type.

✅ Slot Cars News – Lancia Delta Integrale Rally Safari

The other model that is already on sale is the Lancia Delta rally, whose reference is U10246S300.

new scalextric september 2019

Apparently it does not bring 4 × 4 traction like the cars in the catalog of previous years and also the front end is by independent semi-axles instead of a complete axle.

basses lancia delta scalextric novelty

This Lancia has been the first car to go on sale after more than two years without news from Scalextric

novelty scalextric lancia delta

More car news for this year? For now these are the Scalextric 2019 novelties that have arrived, in these three months the rest will arrive: Mercedes AMG GT3, Audi R8 LMS and Lancia Fulvia Alitalia