Renault Clio Cup – NSR

Renault Clio Cup de NSR. Ref. 1011. Price: 65 euros.

NSR release the new Renault Clio III, licensed by Renault. The first version is a Limited Edition of 1000 pieces, with Clio Cup 2007 Presentation decoration. The boday is similar to mosler body, very lighted. Body weight 21 grams and dimensions are 63x124x45mm.
This model will be available in Spanish Slot Cars Shop at end of next week.

Also arrive Renault Clio R3 kit. Reference NSR-1016. This R3 Rally version of the Renault Clio is delivery in kit to mount, in white colour.
The differences regards Clio Cup version are:
– Body weight 25 grams for rally homologation, with interior details and co-pilot
– Anglewinder motor mount.
– motor 3012 de 21400rpm
– Pynion-crown relation: 13/31.