Policar Slot Initiation Circuit T002Z without cars

detalles pista policar

Policar Slot Cars

As the manufacturer Slot.it announced at the last toy fair in Nuremberg, it was going to launch the first circuit of the well-known Italian brand Policar of 1/32 scale slot circuits on the market, which would be the equivalent here to our famous Scalextric.

Well, your distributor in Spain already announces it to us at slot stores as available to buy, so we will soon receive the basic one, which comes without cars, and we want to see how it comes before marketing it on a larger scale

This Circuit initiation Policar Slot is called T002Z and has a travel of 6.5 meters and assembled occupies dimensions of 2.65 x 1.75 meters

New manufacturer of 1/32 slot circuits
Circuit Starter Policar T002Z

Policar Slot TZ002 circuit content

This set includes the following:

  • 8 x Standard Straight
  • 6 x Straight Edges
  • 12 x Standard Curve R2
  • 24 x Standard Curved Edge R2
  • 1 x Stocking Straight
  • 1 x Half Straight Connections
  • 50 x Clips fixing tracks
  • 4 x Bridge brackets
  • 2 x Stardard Knobs
  • 1 x Dimmable Transformer

The controls are of the Carrera brand type, the ones that accelerate the car with the thumb

red control polycar circuit
Policar remote in red
black polycar circuit control
Black Policar controller
polycar dimmable transformer

According to the known cost prices, we estimate that the store price of this product will be between 140 and 150 euros for sale to the public.

Policar Slot Tracks

It is important to know that these Policar tracks are compatible with those of Ninco and also with those of old Polistil (the equivalent of Scalextric in Italy), by means of adaptation track.

They are designed to guarantee a excellent gripeven without magnet. This is why the plastic is hard and firm, with a specially textured surface.

Ninco and Polistil adaptation tracks

The distance between rails is 9 cm. And the depth of the rail is 8.5 mm, manufactured in rust resistant steel . The width of the slopes is 17.9 cm.

polycar track details

They can be placed 6 cm extra wide edges, to which can be attached fences triple band.

edge track and polycar fence

They are expandable up to 8 lanes and have a digital system. They come with Multiple side clip systeme that keeps any circuit design aligned and flat.

expandable up to 8 lanes
side coupling polycar tracks

Special geometry of the track system:

With the new tracks Policar, any constant radius 90 ° curve can always be replaced with any other constant radius 9 ° curve – regardless of whether you are using R1, R2, R3 or R4! Bottom line: all the assembly parts in the curve above are interchangeable. So if for example you get tired of your design, you can easily replace a 9 ° R1 curve with a 90 ° R3 without problems.

This is better understood with the following image

As soon as we test it, we will make a quality and content assessment of the basic set. We’ll bind it to our tracks Ninco and see how! 🙂