Mosler Lightning Vortrom by Ninco

Mosler Lightning Vortrom by Ninco. Ref. 40453. Price: 46 euros. Recommended Slot Car!!!
This slot car arrives with Prorace Spare parts: axles, wheels, tires, ball bearings, NC6. and lightweight interior. Such as delivered you can race it on magnetic races but here we race without magnet on Ninco Track. So we need to do some changes. Below i explain how i prepare my Mosler MT900 by Ninco slot car.

Remember we race without magnet!!

1)I change the standard guide for a prorace guide ( i think this should be made by Ninco from factory)
2)Replace front tires, i prefer Hobby Slot Racing, ultra thin tires
3) Replace rear tired with a Scaleauto 20×12 tires

Personally i prefer for rear wheels, Hobby Slot Racing wheels 16mm with Scaleauto 19 x 10 tires

Depend on the track where you race, should change the relation crown/pinion. I use mainly 32/12 relation.