Mitsubishi Pajero TT Vintage Scalextric SCX

This past week arrrived to Spanish Slot Car Shops the new model from SCX, Mitsubishi Pajero TT Vintage, 2 versions: Red without decals and white with decals. Both are numbered and Limited Edition to 1000 and 2000 units respectively. Price on shops was 110 euros but in only 3-4 days they were sold out in almost all shops. This is because each shop received less units that they request to Tecnitoys, so all the preorders could not be delivered. So many customers were looking for this car in all hobby shops the found. Now is very rare to find one of these Pajero Vintage in shops, and its price is higher now if you find them. Its presentation Box is beautiful and many old collector of EXIN and SCX was waiting for a long time this model.

If you have found some of them in a online shop, please email us to, we have a lot of customers interested.