Alfa Romeo 155 DTM Champion 1993

Made history in the DTM

This new Alfa Romeo 155 livery from commemorates the DTM championship that Nicola Larini won in 1993.

It belongs to the new series launched by last year dedicated to the German Touring Car Championship, DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft), which started with private team cars and FIA rules in 1984.

It was the only time that the Italian manufacturer won this championship, which disappeared in 1996 due to the high costs it entailed for the teams.

It is a limited edition of only 1008 units that comes in its special box. The truth is that they have seemed few, but anyway, the slot car market is like this now.

This novelty is designed more for collecting than to put it on track. I think it will be valued well since it brings an image made by the Italian artist C. Biacchi and the presentation is very beautiful.

alfa romeo 155 champion DTM 1993
1993 DTM Champion

Technical details of the Alfa Romeo 155 slot car

Mechanically, this scale model from brings the following specifications:

It measures 14.7 cm long and 59 wide, with a height of 4.4 cm and weighs 69 grams in total. Its bodywork only 19 gr.

It brings configuration of the engine in line, with the V12 / 4 and a ratio crown / pinion of 9/28. The wheels and axles are calibrated with a diameter of 2.38mm, compatible with most 1/32 scale slot cars.

The tires that come from the factory are the 15.8 x 8 Smooth SI PT1159C1 for the front and the 15.8 x 8.3 Smooth SI PT 1228C1 for the rear axle.

If you want to see how the car is inside, you can do it in the following video. Although it is the other model with number 7, the interior mechanical configuration is the same and its behavior on the track as well.

Whether you are interested in buying this 1993 alfa romeo 155 DTM champion from, or if you prefer any of the other decorations on this beautiful car, here you have several options available.