Chevrolet WTCC Ninco 1

Below you can read Ninco Official info about Ninco 1:

NINCO 1: Simplistic slot cars to be enjoyed in the home with outstanding features.

Maximum usability with a magnet, an authentic domestic RTR, ideal motor for N-Digital compatibility

NINCO, the benchmark for adult slot racers, launches a new brand to ensure the continuity of quality drivers. NINCO 1 represents for ‘the little ones’, who are beginners in the hobby far from professional slot clubs, a range of cars ‘made to measure’: Models 100% ‘Ready to Run’, no adjustments needed, straight from the box designed for best performance with a magnet, extremely resistant body shell and a motor ideal for running on a home track set up.

A new way of understanding slot
The evolution of Slot, mainly in features and performance, has been spectacular over the last few years, and NINCO has been no exception. With this latest release, the NINCO 1 becomes the nº1 choice to learn how to handle a slot car, improve tactical strategy and progress to better equipped cars with the current range of Prorace Evo parts from NINCO.

The price, considerably lower than a regular slot racing car, is an honest reflection of the philosophy of NINCO 1: Only pay for what you need. A novice demands mechanical simplicity, crash proof body shells and good performance on the home track. All of this nevertheless, with an excellent level of livery reproduction, and of course totally compatible with all NINCO track and N-Digital components.

The first model of NINCO 1 is the CHEVROLET WTCC ‘concept car’ available in Blue and Grey metallic paintwork.


We compared this model with the real car and seem they make a good job!.

Also below you can see pictures of the new Mitsubishi Pajero 061. They also release Guardia Civil and Bomberos Mitsubishi Pajero, all with lights working.

These slot cars should be delivered at end of this November or first December week and are the last slot cars Ninco releases this year.


Ninco One Chevrolet

Next December Ninco releases a new range, then Ninco One slot cars (Ninco 1). The first model is a Chevrolet. Recommended price is 25,50 euros. Fully compatible for Ninco and Ninco Digital. Smaller box presentation. Ninco recommend races this models with magnet, designed for home tracks.


Ferrari F40

Finally Ferrari F40 by will be available for 17th of this month. Below you can see pictures of definitive model, delivered as kit. Price 44 euros.

Also pictures of the next new releases, Sauber Le Mans Winner team and Porsche 962 Fortuna.