miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2008

Audi R8 Playstation Scx

Audi R8 Le Mans 2005 sponsored Playstation - Gran Turismo. This car is a limited edition 1500 units aprox. made for Sony Company by TecniToys. The car was sold with the gran turismo 5 videogame as promotional. Now we have got some few units for our customers. If you are interested, price is 25 euros and you can find it in our slot car shop

miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2008

New SCX NASCAR Releases

New SCX NASCAR Releases - Arriving End of May
- 63420
Dodge Charger #42 "Montoya"
Texaco Havoline

- 63360
Dodge Charger #9 "Kasey Kahne"
- 63350 Chevrolet Monte Carlo #3 "Dale Earnhardt" Wrangler

We will get some few units. Price: 40 euros

lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

Citroen C4 WRC by Ninco

Just released! New Citroen C4 WRC Loeb. Ref. 50494. Rally of Sweden 2007. Price: 39,50 euros. motor NC5, with shock absorbers, 4 x 4.

martes, 6 de mayo de 2008

Motor FLAT-6 Slot.it

Motor FLAT-6 by Slot.it. Available on Slot Car Shops this week. Price is 15 euros. Reference SIMN09H. 20500 rpm to 12 volts (200g·cm) . Seem Slot.it also releases specials anglewinder crown for the new Audi R8, with 24, 25 ans 26 z