Porsche 911 Edicion Especial Nuremberg 2008 SCX

Porsche 911 Nuremberg 2008 SCX. Reference 63340. It is a Special Limited Edition made for Nuremberg Toys Fair 2008. We have lucky to get one unit. I think SCX gave one unit to some hobby shops in Spain. I think is a polished slot car.


Aston Martin 10th Anniversary SCX

Aston Martin 10th Anniversary SCX. No reference. It is a gift from the Scalextric Tecnitoys to its dealers in Spain ( i suppose also for distributors out of Spain). Limited and numbered Edition to 1000 units. Delivered in a Aluminium box with engraved edition number. Chassis also engraved with the same number of unit. This SCX slot car is not available to purchase on hobby shops.


Alfa Romeo 33/3 by

Alfa Romeo 33/3 by They announced on Nuremberg Fair this beautiful slot car. Chasis will be ready for anglewinder mounts. Also a Ferrari F40, due to April, can be seen on Nuremberg. Seem promises for this year. I am impatient!!!


SCX new releases for 2008

SCX hava just announced on Nuremberg its list of slot cars 2008:

Porsche 997
Seat Leon SuperCopa ’07
Ferrari 360
Suzuki Swift JWRC
Ferrari F1 Massa
McLaren F1 Hamilton
Williams F1 Rosberg
Mercedes C-Klasse DTM
Audi A4 DTM
Chevrolet Corvette
Seat/Fiat 131 Abarth
Ferrari 550
Volvo STCC ’07
Subaru WRC Rossi
Vintage Mitsubishi Pajero
Citroen C4 WRC Redeco
Seat Leon WTCC Redeco
Honda Accord WTCC
BMW F1 Heidfeld
Renault 8
Aston Martin DBR 9
Ferrari FXX
Skoda Fabia WRC
Tuning 3 Manga
Renault F1
Chevrolet Monte Carlo Earnhart #3 Wrangler
Dodge Charger #9 Kahne Mopar
Ford COT #16 Biffle 3M
Chevrolet COT #29 Harvick Pennzoil
Ford COT #17 Kenseth Black DeWalt
Chevrolet COT #31 Burton AT&T
Ford COT #99 Edwards Aflac
Dodge Charger #42 Montoya Texaco Havoline